Admissions and Placement

Students whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate English language proficiency in addition to the general admissions and academic requirements. Students must take the ESL assessment or they must demonstrate of the following conditions:

  • Have completed their last four years of consecutive, full-time formal education in English within the United States.
  • Have a certified score of 550 or higher (paper version) or 213 (computerized version). The score must be received prior to any ESL department assessment. Once administered, the ESL department's assessment will take precedence.
  • Have transfer credit for English 110 and Speech 275.

Potential limited-English-proficiency students must complete the ESL assessment before the basic college-level skills are assessed.

The assessment process includes producing both oral and written responses during the placement testing at DeVry Chicago. The Oral Proficiency Interview assesses grammar, fluency, listening and vocabulary. The ESL Composition Profile measures the student's proficiency in standard written English.

Applicants whose English-language proficiency is assessed as being below the Beginning level will be denied admission, and will be advised of the areas needing improvement. For applicants assessed as requiring ESL , the number of ESL courses will depend upon the student's language performance. Taking ESL courses may extend the time required to complete the degree.

Students requiring ESL coursework must enroll in appropriate ESL courses every trimester until their ESL requirements have been completed successfully. ESL students may also take mainstream academic courses (and labs) as approved by the ESL department.

Applicants not requiring ESL coursework must then demonstrate basic skills in both language and mathematics under the normal placement procedures described in the academic catalog.

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