DeVry Chicago Campus Lab Policies

Food & Drinks - Food and/or drinks are not allowed in any of our labs. Please put all food and drinks away before entering a lab. We can all help to keep our labs as neat and clean as possible.

Cell Phones - Using cell phones in a lab is prohibited. Please turn off/silence your cell phone before entering a lab.

Noise Level - Loud disruptions are not permitted in the lab. Please maintain conversations and other noise to a minimum.

Music - Playing music on the speakers is prohibited. Please use headphones at all times to listen to music. You must bring in your own headphones. The Helpdesk does not lend out headphones.

Computer Tampering - Tampering, moving, relocating, unplugging, and opening computer equipment is strictly prohibited.

Children - Children are not allowed in any of the labs.

Software & Downloading - Downloading music and downloading/installing illegal software or other illegal components on our computers is strictly prohibited. This includes peer to peer software such as: Limewire, BearShare, Bittorrent and other similar programs.

Pornography - Activities such as viewing and/or downloading pornography is not allowed anywhere on the campus.

Note: Lab Staff will ask you to leave the lab if the lab policy is broken and in some cases disciplinary actions may be taken depending on the issue. Please do what you can to promote a healthy learning environment. Also, take a look at our Network Usage Policy.

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