English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) is second language learning for students who have limited English proficiency. ESL instructors apply second language teaching approaches in developing the skills and competencies of students. This sequence of three ESL courses has been designed to provide the necessary language skills and communication competencies that an entering limited-English-proficient student would need to achieve academic, and consequently, occupational success.

English Language Center

The ESL Department provides tutoring for all registered DeVry students. The tutors are ESL faculty members who are available on a scheduled basis to assist any DeVry students with written and oral assignments. Students can sign up for free tutoring services in Room #1118 of the TEC building.

Language Lab

Each ESL student will have a minimum of 2 hours per week in the ESL Language Lab, which is located in the TEC Building. There are 26 PC's in the lab, each equipped with full access to the World Wide Web.

DeVry Chicago uses the ELLIS Program as well as other programs to help students develop and practice their reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation skills. In addition, students have the opportunity to hone their keyboarding skills and draft weekly writing assignments.

The ESL Lab was designed specifically for the ESL department to augment the regular classroom experiences. Additional information about the ESL program is outlined in the 2001-2002 Academic Catalog Supplement

Library Resources

The library contains a number of resources that are especially helpful to ESL students. Among these resources are an expanding collection of periodicals, videotapes, and reserve books that are useful in enhancing reading and writing.

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