Student Health Insurance Information

Student Health Insurance Policy Overview

All campus-based undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credits or more per semester (i.e. 6 credits or more per session) are required to demonstrate proof of health insurance on an annual basis. If the student has health insurance, s/he must submit a waiver form at: who do not have health insurance coverage must enroll in one of the health insurance plans offered by United Health Care on behalf of DeVry University.

Insurance Plan Choices:

There are two plan choices: Option 1 and Option 2. 

To enroll in the Low Option plan (Option 1) the student enrolls online at and selects Option 1. The student is charged for the premium via their student account.

To enroll in the High Option plan (Option 2) the student enrolls online at and Option 2 and/or when purchasing coverage for dependents. Students enrolling in the High Option plan will be billed for the Low Option plan on their student account and will then pay for the differences in the premiums directly to United Health Care. After the campus validates the student, Partner Center will notify the student to pay the additional sum due and instruct them on how to make the payment. 

Effective dates:

The insurance is effective from the first day of the student's first session for which they purchased insurance as long as the student has enrolled by the open enrollment period. 

Part-time students:

Part-time students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester are eligible to enroll in the plan but are not required to participate. Part-time students taking less than 6 credit hours and non-matriculated students are NOT eligible to enroll.

Graduate students:

Graduate (Keller) students are also eligible to enroll in the plan. Interested Keller students should enroll online at They will pay United Health Care directly for the amount of premium.

Withdrawl from the University:

Students must actively attend class for at least 30 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. Students who withdraw from DeVry University are responsible for notifying both DeVry University and United Health Care to cancel insurance coverage. 

Failure to enroll:

Students who do not complete the waiver or purchase insurance by the published deadlines, will be automatically enrolled for Option 1 and the premium amount will be charged to the student account. 

The insurance offered by United Health Care on behalf of DeVry University is a limited benefit plan. For plan details, visit

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