Message to Students about Microsoft Student Software

As technology becomes more powerful and pervasive, DeVry works diligently to ensure that the hardware and software available to students remains in step with advances widely implemented in the marketplace.

The following is effective with the spring 2007 term:

Microsoft Student Software

In addition to our ongoing commitment to maintain a sophisticated and up-to-date learning environment, through our relationship with Microsoft, DeVry has arranged to provide students with individual software licenses for a suite of Microsoft's most popular products.

The following Microsoft products will be included in students' software bundles:

  • Office Suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

  • Visual Studio Suite - Visual Basic, C++, J++, C#, MSDN Library, InterDev

  • Windows

  • FrontPage

  • Project

  • Visio

Microsoft Licensing Agreement and Acceptance Form

Students will be directed to a web site where they will read the Microsoft Licensing Agreement. The agreement specifies the terms and restrictions associated with the use of the software. Students will then read and print two copies of the Acceptance Form. After signing and dating the forms, students should retain one copy, and the other copy will be used to receive the bundled software.

Software Distribution

Students will be directed by their local campus personnel to the bookstore or another location within the building where they will be asked to show their student ID and produce the signed and dated copy of the Acceptance Form. Once this step is completed the student will be given the software bundle.

Under the terms of the Microsoft Agreement, graduates will receive a perpetual license for their software suite at no additional charge.

Network Associates' McAfee Anti-virus Software

DeVry is pleased to provide students with the opportunity to download McAfee's, one of the leading anti-virus software packages, for home use. Directions for downloading will be available through the Technology Software Supply Guide (student guide) that will be distributed in the fall term. Access to the download will be done online through the Fulfillment Center, and students will be asked to accept the terms of the license agreement prior to downloading the software.


In addition, DeVry has arranged with two of its vendors for discounts on off-campus instructor led courses, for example, in personal finance, digital music, movies and photos and for discounted student software purchases for Studio MX, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Quicken, MS Money 2004, Flight Simulator, Age of Empires to name just a few. Students will be able to pick up flyers in campus public places during the term detailing the courses, software and applicable prices.

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