Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I get resume information online?

A: DeVry provides a page dedicated to career services, click here for resume assistance.

Q: Can I have my resume reviewed?

A: Yes, simply attend a resume workshop or make an appointment with your advisor. Workshop dates and times can be found on the Career Events page, and advisor contact information can be found on your campus' Career Services homepage.


Q: What is HireDeVry?

A: HireDeVry is a National Job Lead Database- in which all Alumni job leads developed by the local campuses are posted. Corporations have the ability to post positions nationwide and interact directly with the candidates based on skill level, experience, and degree attainment.

Q: When am I eligible for access?

A: Alumni and students are granted access after completing a HireDeVry Access Form. DeVry undergraduate students are given access to the system when they reach their final term. Keller Graduate School of Management students have access to the system as long as they are enrolled in school. Alumni will have a lifetime of access to the system.

Q: How do I get a password?

A: Fill out the HireDeVry Access Form, and await a response email with access and website information.

Q: How do I login?

A: Go to this website:

Fill in your DSI # and Password

If you graduated before the year 2001- a number will be given to you.

Q: What do I do if my password fails?

A: Click on the "Forgot my password" link, and a new password will be issued to you through email.

Q: Why can I NOT see the jobs posted?

A: If you cannot see posted job leads then your account status is "Pending" and under review.

Q: Why would my account status be "Pending?"

A: Anytime you upload a resume or document- your account status will be categorized as "Pending" and you will be unable to view job leads until your advisor has reviewed and approved your document and changed your status. If your resume or document is not accepted/ approved- you will remain in pending status and your advisor will contact you regarding the necessary changes that need to be made. After this initial upload and approval process- you will be able to view jobs every time you access the system.

Q: Where can I get more information about navigating HireDeVry?

A: The HireDeVry Guide is a great source of information on everything HireDeVry has to offer.

Q: Can I search for jobs by program, industry and location?

A: Yes, HireDeVry has various filters users that you can utilize to help streamline and define your search.

Q: Can I upload my resume to HireDeVry?

A: Your resume can be uploaded to the site, but if you are interested in a company or position- you should personally send them your resume.


Q: Is there an internship course available for Alumni or Keller Graduate School of Management students?

A: No, there is not an internship course offered to Alumni or Keller Students because the class itself is an undergraduate course. However, there are many ways to find internships, both paid and non-paid. The following websites can be of some assistance: Intern SearchCollege Recruiter, and College Grad

Career Tools

Q: Where can I find job leads and information on local hiring companies?

A: HireDeVry is a great source of job leads that allows you to search by location. 

Q: Where can I get career-specific salary information?

A: The following link provides salary information:


Q: What are the most current employment statistics for recent undergrad graduates?

A: The most current employment statistics for recent undergrad graduates can be found here.

Q: Are there similar statistics available for Keller graduates or Alumni?

A: Keller students are not required to provide employment standings upon graduation, so employment statistics are not available for this group at this time.


Q: Where can I go to learn more about my appropriate Career Services website?

A: DeVry University Alumni- Career Services

Keller Alumni- Career Services

Keller Graduate School of Management Students- Career Services

Alumni Association

Q: What is the website for the DeVry University Alumni Association?

A: As a DeVry University or Keller Graduate School alumnus, you're invited to engage in your dynamic and growing alumni association. Membership now totals more than 200,000!

Join now and get the latest information on benefits and resources, DeVry University education fund, alumni career network, and alumni news and events. Click here for more information.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor?

A: Contact the Career Services front desk at: (773) 697-2071.

Q: How should I prepare for and what should I bring to an advising session?

A: It is advised to bring a copy of your most current resume, and any other career-related documents you may want reviewed.